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Safety Tat

Have you seen the temporary tattoos that you write your phone number on?

My four year old is going through this annoying/scary phase where she walks away or hides. We discuss it every time how its not safe, scares me... But no change.

Anyway, we are going to Disney in a few weeks. is there any reason I can't just write my phone number on her body with a sharpie?
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Re: Safety Tat

  • I haven't heard of those! People will sell anything. Why not just write on her skin? I would do it if I was nervous of losing her, especially at a big place like Disney. 


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  • I personally would never write on my child with a Sharpie.  I did get the safety tats and love them.  I ordered the ones that have my info already printed on the label and we put them on the girls arms, on thee inside part.  I also use them
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  • Never heard of safety tats. Disney has a child check in center where they get a bracelet and if lost their ID info is attached to the bracelet. I would be leery of writing full info b/c some of the strangers can take advantage of the situation. I watch to
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  • A Safety tat is a good idea. When I would take my students with autism on field trips, a mom made them matching neon tye-died shirts and sewed on patches on the bottom of each shirt that had their names, my name, and the school phone#. 
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  • We got DD a Road ID (like we wear on our running shoes). It attaches to her shoe with velcro, she leaves it alone, and it has mine and DH's cell phone numbers and lists her allergies. 

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  • imageauntie:
    If I had a kid who was 4 and couldn't be trusted to stay by me, she'd be on a leash. They have the cute backpack ones.</div
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  • Lurking.

    I've seen bracelets on pinterest with the parent's number in beads. Would your kid wear that and not take it off?
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  • When my kiddos were stubborn about wandering away, I insisted that they hold my hand at ALL times, or made them sit in a stroller again.  

    I know some people would find this bizarre, but I think it's completely legit for a 4 y/o (especially

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  • I have heard of some issues with the safety tats coming off in the shower (so maybe the water play areas as well).  I bought some bracelet thingies at the dollar store to use at Disney but ended up not using them.  DD1 was in the stroller pretty
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  • I do have a double stroller and plan on her riding. I think I will write on her arm. 
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