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Daycares with a healthy menu for LO's

We are considering switching daycare providers because of the menu selection for the kids. I wasn't very concerned with this when I first enrolled her, because I've always supplied her food but was recently told that once she moves up to the toddler room I can no longer send her lunches. Anyone know of any daycare centers that have a healthier menu for the kids? Our center is regularly serving chicken nuggets, pizza, "fish shapes" etc and we do not eat processed foods at home and stick to mostly organic fresh foods so I would love to find somewhere that fits this a little better. TIA

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    Wish I had some advice but really just wanted to commiserate - Eli only goes to daycare 2x a week but I'm not real wild about their menus either...however, I love his teachers, the location and the price.  

    What side of Indy are you on?

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  • Sorry, same boat here ;/  I remember being totally appalled at the daycare menu when my first was old enough to real meals. Eventually I got over it.  Ditto ebd08 that the other "pros" of the daycare outweighed this issue for us. I have jus


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  • Thanks ladies, we live on the south side of Indy now but are looking to purchase a home and are not really set on one particular area. We're looking at Greenfield (top choice), Franklin Township, Center Grove area and Brownsburg. Good schools are our top
  • Have you tried getting a doctors note? That is how our daycare works.
  • Not yet, I was going to bring this up at her 12 mo checkup. The dr's note would have to say that she cannot have their processed foods though. I know our pedi is a supporter of organic foods because we've had discussions about this and she had a baby s

  • I'm not a regular poster on this board but I do have some input on this topic.  Firstly, there is a daycare in Fishers called Dolce.  It is EXCELLENT.  All food is organic and the program is top notch.  I SAH but if I had to send DS

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