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DS's 4th birthday is in two weeks.  In the next few days is the deadline I put on the invitations for RSVP.  I know people suck at RSVP (another gripe) and I figure some people will ignore my deadline and do it later.  Got it.

So far, I've got roughly 25 adults (some family, some the parents of his friends), 10 kids his age, 2 toddlers (in the 2 ish range) and 5 babies ranging from 4 months-1 year.

My questions are:

1.  I want to do cupcakes - how many extra would you order?  Would you assume one for every adult? I REALLY don't want a ton of leftovers.

2.  In your past experience, how many kids either RVSP'ed late (a day or two before party) or showed up without RSVPing at all?  Trying to guess at favor bags without going overboard.


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Re: Help with Headcount

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    I don't have experience with RSVPs for kids' parties (just now getting to throw my first party for our son), but re: the cupcakes, I would probably do 45.  It sounds like you have at least 37 guests who could have at least one cupcake (adults + 10 ki
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  • I always assume 100% for family and 50% for everybody else. Or I believe the formula is you can expect 60% yes. When you say friend's parents are you counting mom and dad? Because usually I don't expect both parents to show up unless their our friends.&nb
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  • I'd order one cupcake for everyone with 10 extra

    In my case school friends (that you're not friends with the parents) usually RSVP by the requested date; family and close friends often "forget" to RSVP but it's pretty much granted they will

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  • I totally get not wanting leftovers (and I always have them), but I think it's much better to make sure you have enough for everyone.  I would have one for everybody that RSVPs yes, everyone who hasn't RSVP'd, and a few extra (maybe 3-6) cupcakes

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