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If you are done having kids....

When did or will you get rid of your 'baby' stuff--- clothes, gear, etc? 

I know the moment I do that I will get pregnant and we're not using anything permanent right now.  Although I'd love for him to get the snip snip.  I figure I've already had 2 c-sections--I don't need anything else.  LOL.  His turn.... Wink

BUT this stuff takes up a ton of room and so I'd love to move it.  So IF you got rid of your items, how did you do it?  And when?  Donate, sell to resale stores like Once Upon a Child, garage sale, craigslist, etc?   I know this will be one HUGE emotional step for me.   


Re: If you are done having kids....

  • I cringe as I type this, but I've been done for over 8 years and there's still some baby crap in my attic.  However, I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the years.

    I handed down some of the stuff to friends

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  • I had my tubes tied with my 2nd who was a planned c-section so as soon as we finished with stuff it was donated, given to a friend or my MIL held it for my SILs.  We sold some stuff.  I did hold onto some of the nicer girl clothes to pass down i
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  • We knew we were done after the babies so as they grow out of stuff, away it goes. Some clothes and toys go to consignment, other stuff gets donated. No use holding on to it.
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  • rsd12rsd12 member
    Fortunately we moved houses and that helped us get rid/donate a lot of baby stuff! But you could donate clothes and toys to local shelters or church or even friends!

    It was hard for me to get rid of the baby stuff too... after 3 kids it was h
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  • When I was pregnant with DD2, I was pretty sure that she was going to be our last. I sold almost everything on craigslist.  I got rid of the swing and jumper first because they took up the most room (did this when DD2 was around 13 months old). &n

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  • As soon as we had DD, I started doing M2M sales. I have gotten rid of about half of DS's baby and toddler clothes. I am working on selling DS and DD's clothes now, and I plan to Craigslist the old gear.

  • DH had a vasectomy, so we know that we're done.  We started giving away our baby stuff once DS started outgrowing things.  It was so nice to get rid of it!  Most of the donation places around here won't take baby items.  We just wanted
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  • We got rid of the crib on CL and I've sold a lot of stuff to a buy,sell, trade local group on facebook.  I will donate some stuff too.

    It was hard to sell the crib, but once the decision was made to be done and the first thing was sold, it g

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  • As soon as we're done using it we get rid of it.  Dh got a vasectomy so we really aren't having any more babies. 
  • one of DH'a friends had a girl a year after Elle was born so we give them her clothes as soon as she grows out of them. We also donate some stuff to a local church or sell on craigslist
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  • We have 2 and are done. I'm on BC and he has yet to go get snipped but we have given away all the baby stuff. Only thing we have is the crib but that can change into a full bed when DD is ready. So if we have an accident it will be all new stuff lol
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  • I am unable to accept that we're done because I am not done, even if I'm old and DDH had a vasectomy as soon as the twins were born, so MY coping is I have 1 huge bin- items I can't bear to get rid of go there.  Anything else as they outgrow, I&nb

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  • Right after DD's done with it!
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  • As soon as this LO is done using things, we're getting rid of them. We live in a condo and plan to move soon, so the less stuff, the better (although, I don't know how much this kid will have "outgrown" gear wise since s/he isn't even born yet :))


  • I have been purging for more than a year. I primarily give the stuff to people that want it. I am selling the stroller, bike seat, and cloth diapers.
  • KL777KL777 member

    We had DS's stroller stored away for quite some time. I finally put it on the curb about 6 months ago and it was bittersweet.

    His other things we have given away or donated it to a second hand store.

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  • We have been done since last year, husband had a vasectomy.  DD2 is 19 months old and I am doing a mom-to-mom sale next month and getting rid of the baby stuff.  I give all the old clothes to a girl I work with that just had a little girl in

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  • We sold the bigger items like the swing and stroller on Craigslist. The rest we got rid of either at consignment or gave to friends. I got rid of all of it as soon as DD was done with them...the cash in hand felt pretty good compared to a bunch of unused

  • I sold a lot of NB stuff in a garage sale. I'm holding onto 2nd yr stuff for other friends who are TTC. If they are not successful this summer the rest will get sold or tossed. I need the space.
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  • jw87jw87 member
    DH got the big V done. 

    I'll be selling the stuff to a second hand store (easiest option and makes a profit) as DS #2 starts outgrowing things.


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  • DH has gotten the snip, so we get rid of things as DD outgrows them. I'm preparing a bunch of clothing for a consignment sale right now, and we just sold our swing, which she hated, on craigslist. I have no patience for storing things we're not using thou

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  • I get rid of things as we no longer use them BUT I am attached to many of DD's infant clothes (I so wanted another girl)...so I still have a couple of bins of those saving for?!?!?

    My brother and his wife are trying right now (with trouble) maybe

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  • Our kids are 3 1/2 and 2 and we're having a yard sale next weekend to get rid of most of it.  I have to say, there are a few little outfits that I'm not going to part with because they have sentimental value for me.  But most of it is going.&nbs
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  • I found the best solution to be to give it to friends who need it.  And... ask them to let you know before they pass it on or get rid of it themselves.

    It's kinda like free storage while you buy yourself some time to be super sure you're don

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  • aandgaandg member
    I had my tubes tied after #2 was born so we are 100% done. As soon as DD was done with stuff I would give it away to family, friends, their day care, whoever wanted it. 
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