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I'm planning my son's 1st birthday party and would like to a favor the kids that will be there.  The dilemma I'm facing is the age ranges are 2-10.  Any suggestions something that could satisfy such a broad age range? TIA!
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Re: Favors

  • Target has a couple of racks of party favors by the invitations. I was just looking at them this weekend. You'd have to just pick different things for the different ages but they're very inexpensive and they have some cute stuff.
  • I usually create my own loot bags and cater that bag to each kid's ages.

    Generally for boys, you can't go wrong with hotwheels though.

    I generally put in bubbles for almost all ages and both boys and grils, some candy, and then a 3-5 age/ge

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  • I did a book that went along with the theme.  Last year it was Monkies and I sent home the book, Curious George Says Thank You.   It was perfect cause I wrote right away in it Thank you for __________, Love Molly.


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  • nah82nah82 member

    I gave each child a monkey shaped cup with lid and straw, I wrote their names on it so they could use it through out

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  • I am a fan of an edible favor...that way they're gone and don't clutter up my house.
  • books are becoming popular in my area


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  • At DS's 1st bday, we had a big age span, and I got different color party bags for little kids vs. big kids.  For his 2nd bday, I was lazy and got sesame street buckets with bubbles, bouncy ball, slinky, funky pens, bags of goldfish, and chips ahoy

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  • I really like the edible favor (cookies or candy) and the book favor ideas!

    ETA: Do you have a theme? 

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  • aeh72aeh72 member

    Thanks everyone!  We don't have a theme (just 1st birthday and the decorations are primary colors with stars) so that was also making things sort of difficult.  But, I went to Target this morning and found these cool bubble wands.  They

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  • stickers, bubbles and a rubber ducky were in our goodie bags (but anyone over 4 might not care for it!)
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  • I did airplane shaped crayons and airplane stickers at his most recent party, which was airplane themed. The kids in attendance wered 14 months to 6 years and all seemed pleased.


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  • I went to a party where they gave out sunglasses as the favor- pretty universal!
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