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Is my 21 month old ready?

My 21 month old son has recently started telling us when he's pooped. He has been wanting to go with us to the potty every time we go. He likes to sit on the potty, flush it and says pee pee all gone!

My husband is convinced its time to start potty training him. My only concern is starting him too early. The potty training methods I would like to try are all or nothing. No pull ups, underwear and cleaning up accidents until he gets it.

Have any of you started your children before they were 2? Did it turn out successfully or aweful?

Re: Is my 21 month old ready?

  • I started my LO right at 2. We did it when she started ripping off her diaper every time she peed, and it was rough, but she is now totally day trained. I also did the all or nothing, except for night time.
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  • Chloe was a few days shy of 21 months when we started.  She figured it out after only a few days.  We did have a slight regression due to teething, traveling, and being sick all at the same time, but we almost back to where we were before.  

    We did a version of the 3-day method, doing no pants or panties for the first few days.  We still use diapers at night and nap time.  It's a 50/50 chance that she wakes up from nap dry at this point. 

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  • I started my son on the day he was 20 months.  We did the 3 day method (but stretched it to 4 days).  It worked fantastically and I highly recommend that method!
  • Try the 3day method by Lora Jenson, it says you can start it at 22 months. Doing it with an older one 30 months currently and works wonderful.
  • My sister has potty trained 3 of her daughters before age 2. My son was ready at 2.5.

    Elizabeth pantley has a really good potty training readiness quiz on her website. This was how I decided my son was ready. My pedi office has these handouts available.
  • And I did the 3 day potty training on and it went great. I think being bare bottomed for a few days really helped him.
  • I am start to give training my boy.I use a potty chair for with the potty......what i would suggest is to try to make games, read lots of stories, ,,,i dowloaded a great app called potty training learning with the son loved it and help him a lot!
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