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Destressing techniques??

I'm currently 12 weeks into 3 we will be 3 under 3 and having an extraordinarily difficult time relaxing especially at bedtime or in the middle of the night if I wake up or am awoken by DD or DS...

On top of the terrifying anticipation of what this next baby will mean for our family ;, we've had no shortage of difficulties this year we moved from abroad, had a second child, new jobs for Dh and myself, my grandmother and mother were diagnosed and surgically treated for lung cancer, we bought a new house... The list goes on.

This pregnancy was planned and of course we are thrilled by it, but suddenly I can't keep out the fears and relax. I'm sure it's mostly due to just being overwhelmed with two babies, a house to take care of, cooking, cleaning and working part time...

What do you all do especially those with two already to have 'me time' and relax?!?!

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Re: Destressing techniques??

  • The shower is my sanctuary!! One of the best parts of the day.
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  • Sorry to hear about your current stressors.  We have a lot of similar things on our plate right now and I don't get any me time unless I sacrafice some sleep to have a few minutes alone in the morning to shower and prep lunches in the quiet, which

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