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Sewing class April 6th

Hey ladies!

A few of us were thinking of taking the sewing 101 class at Joanns on 104th Ave. The class is $35, and is on April 6th from 9:30-12. I don't believe any of us have signed up yet, but we thought we'd put it out there in case others were interested in joining us. I don't know how quickly the classes fill up, but I think I'll be signing up soon!


Re: Sewing class April 6th

  • You can sign up either in person, or by phone: 303.452.5661. They said it is more convenient to sign up in person because you'll need to sign up with a manager over the phone, but phone still might be worth a try to save some driving. You need to pay w
  • If I can remember, I'm going to sign up after work today, otherwise I'm going to just give them a call tomorrow.
  • So the April 6th class at Joann's is full!  Here are some other options, recommended to me by strangers at yelp:

     Fabric Bliss in Denver.  Three hour class for $35, you get to make a reversible tote bag.  They have a class on

  • Sorry none of the links are clicky.  My bump skills are still pretty minimal.
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