Too too toooooo soon for tot school/hs?

I'll probably just be snooping a lot for a while. :D My daughter is only 19 months but my husband and I both feel strongly about homeschooling for many reasons. I went to school and got 2 certificates for early childhood education before I became a sahm. We didn't decide on sahm or homeschooling until later. I really want to teach my own children in my own style and at their pace, the way they need to be taught because I feel every child learns differently.

At 19 months my daughter knows a toooon of words, pretends to read out loud (even following her finger along the words as she babbles), she knows a lot of her letters, knows color names and gets green and yellow right so we're working on the other colors, counts (but skips 1-5 and counts things as 6, 7, 8 ,9), and knows a star shape, some animal sounds.... Maybe i'm bias and overly excited about teaching her these things but I feel like she knows so much. Her 3 year old cousin doesn't know her colors yet and she goes to an actual tot school outside of home.

I'm already buying homeschooling books and educational games and activities. My husband thinks i'm getting a little ahead of myself but i'm so excited and I really feel like she is learning quickly. We practice our letters and colors and numbers every day. Every day we read, sing our abc song, count things, etc. Am I thinking too far ahead or am I technically already "homeschooling"? lol. I probably seem like a big weirdo. Oh well.... I guess that's my introduction. HAHA.

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Re: Too too toooooo soon for tot school/hs?

  • My youngest is a little bit older than your daughter. I don't really do anything structured with her. I just use opportunities through out the day to teach her. 

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    I feel like my son picked up on things really quickly too. If she enjoys learning, then keep encouraging it. At that age DS loved to find letters on signs or in books or shapes of different objects. Now he loves to practice writing his letters. Like yo

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