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Vegan Mommies!

I'm 5 months pregnant, so "Where do you get your protein?" has taken a back seat to "Are you craving meat yet?"

 So far I havent had any unusual cravings (vegan or otherwise) but Ive still got several months to go.

 So, vegans- did you ever crave meat or other omni food while you were pregnant? Were you able to satisfy it with a substitute, or was it totally relentless? 

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Re: Vegan Mommies!

  • No issues with meat or dairy cravings here. Last time I craved sweets and this time it seems to be more salty stuff. Trying not to give in to potato chip and French fry cravings!  
  • I'm a strict vegetarian that will eat vegetarian cheese. But since becoming pregnant I want very little to do with dairy.  

    I've def been asked if i'm craving meat. Def Not!

    And my mom sat me down and told me I should eat fish while I

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