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Furniture Anchors

We have 14 month old and she hasn't starting really climbing on things yet but am sure it won't be far off.  Do you have the furniture in your child's room anchored to the wall?
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Re: Furniture Anchors

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    Same issue would love some advice :
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    Yes! We did everything over two feet high.  It cost us about $50 in furniture anchors (from BRU), and it took my husband about a day to install, but it is worth it. Since then, I have caught my youngest climbing a dresser and my oldest broke our night stand it it would have come crashing down, but the anchor caught it. I almost think my older son would be more likely to hurt himself on falling furniture because he climbs furniture trying to reach things.i have heard horror stories's not common to have something happen, but it is so preventable!
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