If you have school-age children and toddlers ?

I've been looking into local activities for my oldest son and am trying to organize a schedule.  I've found lots of stuff.  The YMCA hold homeschool day where the kids spend the first half learning a new sport and the second half in open swim.  A local private Christian school has a few class options (art and Spanish) for homeschooled kids to take.  The local homeschooling association also has some co-op classes. 

My problem is that every single one of these activities takes place between 1-3 pm, which is when my younger children nap.  

I feel like DS1 needs some outside activities and opportunities to meet some homeschooled friends.  We're now running into the problem that all of his friends are in school, so there is no one to play with during the day anymore.  

But, I'm not willing to skip naps for the other kids.

Is anyone else running into this problem?  I would think most homeschooling mothers with kids in K-3 (the ages of these activities) might have younger children as well. 1:00 seems like a horrible time to offer these activities. 


Re: If you have school-age children and toddlers ?

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    is there any way that you can hire a sitter or family memeber to either take your oldest to the activity or stay with your younger ones while they nap?
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    My oldest is 5 (kindergarten) and the other two are 4 and 8 months.  I agree with you that it's important for the older ones to have activities and opportunities to make friends that they will see on a regular basis.  Most afternoons we are home
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