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Shoes Q

First question is : do you really like and recommend Stride Rite shoes or are they overpriced and there is something else just as good for less?

The other question is this. Well actually, it's more of a frustration I need to get out and would appreciate somebody agreeing with me. :P Or telling me I'm in the wrong if that's the case b/c DH doesn't agree with me.

So we live in Minnesota and there is still snow on the ground! But, today for example was really nice and sunny and it would have been a really nice day for DD to go for a walk and get some fresh air. She however doesn't have good shoes for outside. We just have the soft leather ones. And forget the stroller, since she can walk she won't have anything to do with it! So since nicer days are coming anyway and I think she should be outside for at least a little I wanted to buy her a good pair of shoes.

DH however thinks the slush and wetness outside (sidewalks are cleaned up!) will be here for a bit longer and there is no point in getting her shoes now or take her outside for walks. I don't understand why?

Anyone, anyone??

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Re: Shoes Q

  • Hm good point, well I don't know if DD would keep the shoes on or not.. She loves her soft ones but that doesn't mean anything of course.

    I'd like her to have at least one pair since she doesn't have a single one. Maybe a trip to stride rite an

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  • My little one is a good walker and I got him a pair of shoes at Payless for around $20 that he has worn a lot.  They are even white and still look good and seem pretty supportive.  I'm thinking of getting him another pair in a bigger size bec

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  • I love DD's Stride Rite shoes. They are good, supportive shoes. I balked at the price at first, but they often have sales. Plus if you enroll in their rewards program free you get a 10 off coupon for every 70 or 80 you spend. DD had one pair of shoes

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  • I decided that DD needed some shoes a few weeks ago since she wants to creep around things and her socks were getting so dirty at church.  I got her shoes at goodwill for $3.  They work for her and like your DH said, she's going to grow so fast
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  • DD wears Saucony Jazz tennis shoes. I found them at the outlet for about $12. She will keep them on all day at day care and they didn't break the bank. I'm happy with them

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  • Thank you all for your responses and great tips!

    I think we'll head to SR and have DD try on a few pairs and see how she does, then go from there. I don't think she needs more than one pair. And spending $40 every 2-3 months on one pair of

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  • We bought some striderites for DS at 6 months that were a little big length-wise due to his feet being so wide and he wore them for 7 months!  I love them and totally recommend them.  Also, to your comment about them always taking their shoes

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  • I have tried several brands, and I have to say that Stride Rite is DEFINITELY worth it. My daughter work her pair of size 3 for about 6 months and they still look brand new as well (I know this will change as she continues to get more active).


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