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wee-cycle this weekend, is it worth going?

Has anyone been to one of these sales? Is it worth going to?  I have new mom pass for tonight but its $10 admission.  While its only $10, I hate to spend it and then it turn out to be a flop.   

Re: wee-cycle this weekend, is it worth going?

  • I haven't been to one before, but they look pretty similar to TotSwap sales, which I've been to. On the website, though, they say there's no admission fee so I'm not sure what your $10 pass is for. 

    I'm planning on stopping over at some poin


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  • I went to one last fall and paid $7 for a presale pass...there wasn't a ton of stuff there and while I got a few things it wasn't really worth it. I'd skip it and go to Totswap instead. SO much stuff.
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  • Martin Plaza between Pulaski Hwy and Eastern Ave, buy the Kohls.  I'm still torn, may just wait for Totswap.
  • Definitely wait a few weeks and go to TotSwap.  Much better selection and it's free!


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  • I've been to both and I agree that Totswap is better, too.
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  • I've been to both wee-cycle and tot swap. Tot swap is so much bigger, but very overwhelming if you have no idea what your looking for.

    I never had to pay to get into the new mom night. Actually if you bring canned goods you can get in free.&nbsp




  • If you're talking about the Wee-Cycle Mart, I'd skip it. I've never been to totswap as I live on the eastern shore, but I went to the Wee-Cycle mart in glen burnie a little over a year ago and it was horrible. The selection was bad, stuff was stained. Jus
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