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I have sort of a love/hate with Pinterest. It does have a lot of great birthday ideas, but it feels like everyone is doing the same thing. It also seems to have really raised expectations to an unreasonable level. I'm trying to use it for inspiration, but still be creative. 

 How do you feel about it?  

Re: Pinterest

  • I love pinterest. It raises expectations for sure, but it is a fun way to get ideas. I actually like looking at the crazy over-the-top parties because I can pick and choose what things I like and apply them to what I want. We did a Beatles themed fir
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  • I find with pinterest, a lot of people know where you got your ideas from. 

    I love it for inspiration and giving me more ideas, but I hate it at the same time.  I think if you pin something for a party ahead of time, and your guests ar

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  • nah82nah82 member
    I agree, Pinterest cannibalizes creativity and causes me to make something much more complicated and extravagant than I would have otherwise.  Like, chocolate cupcakes are not good enough, they need to have a cream cheese filled chocolate covered str
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  • imagegracefulruby33:
    I love pinterest. It raises expectations for sure, but it is a fun way to get ideas. I actually like look
  • NydaPNydaP member
    I love it.  But I'll admit, it makes me feel quite inadequate.  I see great ideas and somehow, when I try them they never turn out quite as nice.  That's frustrating.  But I still love it.  
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  • Love love love it.  I always say that I'm not very creative, but I'm a great copycat.  I really like picking and choosing what ideas I'll recreate.
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  • imageEmpireMomof3:
    <--------------------pintrest addict. 

    This is me too. I love all the ideas and

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