If you currently homeschool, a poll...

 Disclaimer:  I am very new to the homeschooling world, so forgive me if I use improper lingo in my questions, or if I make assumptions that I shouldn't. Feel free to correct me so I learn! I am actually asking these questions because I genuinely want to know. I have so many questions, I figured this was the easiest way. Plus, I enjoy a good survey once in awhile. :D

1.  How long have you been homeschooling?

2. How old/what grade were your kid(s) when you started?

3. What curriculum/style do you use?

4. Have you received negative feedback/comments from others about your decision to homeschool?

5. Are your kids involved in any local organized extra-curriculars?

6. What is one thing that has suprised you the most since starting?

7. How do your kids like homeschooling?

8. What is one mistake that you have made that you would like to warn other new homeschooling moms about?

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