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So my names Kerstin. I've been a lurker on the May boards forever. It wasn't until this past weekends events that brought me from hiding. I want to share my story so bad as my heart is so broken but there are legal things going on with my loss and I have to watch what I say. I was 31 weeks pregnant and I went to the hospital last Thursday feeling weird.. little did I know I had lost my daughter Sophia Nicole earlier on that week. It was beyond traumatizing as they had to induce me and I had to deliever my sweet angel. She changed my world and now I sit here the night before her funeral..numb...sad...angry and pissed off at God. I just need help dealing and my friends try to support me...they just have no idea what to do..hence why I'm here... How do you get to the new normal? Soo many questions on how to deal... Just can't find my way out of this hell
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  • Kerstin I'm so sorry it's so painful and intense in the beginning. You need to take time to take care of yourself and feel what you need to. It's so hard. I am four months out and still don't spend time with a lot of friends. Some days I just need to be h
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss Kerstin. I lost my son when I was 34 weeks pregnant, and I was absolutely devastated [still am]. You never imagine having to plan a funeral for your baby...nothing can prepare you for that. In the first few days and weeks aft


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  • I am so sorry for your loss.

    I was a May mommie too <3 There unfortunately is no quick fix, no "way out" we just have to press on and never forget our beautiful children that made such a big impact on our lives. ((hugs))

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss, Kerstin.  I am only one month out so I can't give real advice about what the "new normal" is but I can say that it will get better.  I still cry a lot and have a lot of triggers that make me remember my LO, but I t

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  • So sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter Sophia.  The next few weeks will be extremely difficult.  I think they are for everyone.  In time, you will learn how to handle the everyday life situations while your heart is broken an aching


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  • Kerstin,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your baby girl. While it saddens me to have to welcome you here, please know that you have come to an amazing place filled with women who really understand.

    The beginning is so incredibly raw

  • Kerstin I am so so sorry that you have to join us on this board. Hugs to you!! It will take a while to even come close to a new normal. I would say the worst time is the first 3 months please hang in there! We are here fo you!


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  • I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby girl, Sophia Nicole. I hate to welcome you, but the women on this board are awesome! I would not have made it through the past year without them. I can say without a doubt, that the first few months and ver

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  • I'm so sorry for the loss Kerstin. I was a May board lurker too before unfortunately contributing to this board... The support you will find here is beyond wonderful! The many words of comfort and kindness from the only other ppl who know wha

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  • Hi Kerstin I am so very sorry for the loss of your Sophia. No mother should ever have to lose her baby. It's been almost 3 months since I lost Grace, she was 41 weeks and I was induced as well. The best advice I think I can give is to let yourself feel wh
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  • I'm so sorry for the loss of your Sophia. I've gone through many emotions, as I'm sure you will, just remember to try & take it one day or even hour at a time. It is very hard the first few weeks, but even at almost 7 weeks out, I will say it gets sli
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  • Take the time you need to heal. Don't rush it or ever feel guilty for your feelings. Normal as it formerly was will never return. You lost your baby and you will have a new normal. Things won't be the same but that's ok. I'm happy you are having


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