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Rentals in SoMD?

Hi there!

 My husband just got a job at Pax River and we need to move out there.  I'm expecting for Aug. We found a home that we will build in Hollywood, but it won't be ready until Sept/Oct.  We are hoping to find a rental in the mean time, doesn't have to be big so that we can stay together during the pregnancy.  We are just looking for a 6 mo lease.  Any suggestions?  

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Re: Rentals in SoMD?

  • There are a ton of rental places in the PaX River area with temp leases. I would start googling. Hollywood is a nice area, but some areas if Lexington Park are questionable. The local newspaper is accessible on and check out the baynet. G
  • thanks so much! We found an apartment with a 6mo lease in Hollywood. 
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