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GTKY: Week of 3/11/12

Yay I actually have some time to get this one out this week! Thanks again for covering for me last week.

This week's question: If you could choose the gender of your children what would you pick, and why?


Re: GTKY: Week of 3/11/12

  • If I could pick, I would want this peanut to be a boy because I'd want my older child to be the protector for his younger sibling. Also, I'm much more of a tomboy and know how to interact with boys so much better than girls haha. I would want our second t
  • I wanted one of each, with a boy first for the same reasons as you. Both our families are severely lacking girls as well, I think my 2 daughters are nature's way of fixing that. :)
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  • I also wanted one of each.  I also thought I wanted a boy first for the same reasons - but then I think I secretly wanted a girl first, just to ensure I actually had a girl! I am opposite of you, I'm not really sure what to do with a boy.  
  • I want two girls.  I have a sister, and we're sooooo close, and my family has this whole super-close girls thing going (my mom, my grandma, me, my little sis, and my female cousin on my mom's side are all really close) and I'd love LO to be a part of
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