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Summer or holiday birthdays...

how far in advance do you let family/friends know your party date? Both my kids are in June and it is height of end-of-school, Father's Day, start of family vacations, graduations, weddings, etc. Therefore, I attempt to pick a date well ahead of time and let everyone know. This has worked well all but 1 year when everyone then just kind of "forgot" and didn't tell me until the night before the party (I was 9 months pregnant, so you can imagine how happy I was at that point). Really, I just wanted to post on the new board now that it looks like we can post. And I figured I would see what other parents do if they have summer (or holiday) birthdays to plan.






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Re: Summer or holiday birthdays...

  • Not sure why it is all coming up one paragraph - I did have it separated.  I also couldn't get the edit to work correctly.  So had to say, sorry! for the hard to read paragraph.






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  • DD's real birthday is June 24th. Usually I just cross my fingers and hope people can make it. I sent out the invites 2-3 weeks in advance. This year though, since she's at a new school and we know everybody basically disappears to the lake for the summer, we're having her party before school gets out, so towards the end of May. Hopefully that means more people can come. I had a late summer birthday {Aug 30} and after awhile we were already back in school, so it wasn't bad. But when I was younger, it was always depressing.
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  • My birthday is July 4th. so i know about holiday birthday.

    When i was younger, my parents planned and had birthday parties and just hoped as many people as could show up. We also would go on vacation with my cousins that were the same age.

    When i got older, I just had family outing birthday's. with maybe one or two friends that came along.

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  • DS is December 18th. We have 3 other family birthdays in that same week so we mostly just do one celebration. I don't really see us doing any big birthday parties. Maybe when they're in school and kids can just be dropped off we'll have parties but otherwise I think we'll keep it to just family when they're young or maybe pick 1 or 2 friends to take to the movies or something simple.
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  • Our party is going to be June first. All the invites are going out mid April. 
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  • kmawbkmawb member

    My DDs birthday is October 17th which falls anywhere from 3-9 days after Thanksgiving (for us Canadians Thanksgiving is the 2nd Monday in October), so I send out invitations at least a month early since it's getting into the busy holiday season.  So far we've had her birthday party on the weekend after Thanksgiving and I think we'll continue to do so whenever her actual birthday is during the week.

    My sister (July 30th birthday) and myself (August 2nd birthday) used to have our birthday parties with friends near the end of August before school started since most of our school friends were OOT during the summer.  But we would always have a little family celebration on our actual birthdays (usually out at the cabin) and would get our gifts from family then.

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  • My daughter's birthday is 8/31 and we Always have it Labor Day weekend. We have a BBQ in the yard, we have a pool. We have had people have other plans but hey, if you miss it you miss it. 

    She is going to be 8 now, so most of our family know it will be her birthday party. We still don't get all butthurt about it though when people have other plans. I mean, it's Labor Day weekend and I can easily remember a time when a kid's party would be the LAST place I wanted to be on Labor Day weekend.  

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  • DD1's bday will always be around Labor Day.  This LO is due 7/5 so I am guessing her bday will always be around 4th of July.  With DD1 I told everyone probably a little over a month before and then sent out invites 1m before.  We did it the weekend after Labor Day.
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  • DS birthday is the first week in April, close to Easter/Spring break, depending when it falls each year.  If it's going to be on Easter weekend we choose a weekend close or check with our immediate family to ensure that it will work out.  

    It has been chaos at each of his birthdays so far.  Lots of no-shows last year but I do understand that it's a busy time for people!  Luckily he's an easy-going kid so if he has a friend or two and cake with candles he is happy :)

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