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I know my son's first birthday seemed like it was yesterday but I am already thinking about his next birthday mainly because his first was simple and small. For his second birthday he will be a more active and involve with the people at his party so I want to make it more interactive and fun for everyone. so my (first) question is does anyone know how to find balloon twisters and how much should I be budgeting to spend for a few hours.
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Re: entertainment..

  • besides the google page. do some local resturant's have someone? I live at the gulf coast and they will hire people like that to walk around during the summer.

    Or you can take the year to practice making them?

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  • We are renting a mickey mouse and a face painter for an hour for our sons party.  The combnation cost is $140 for the hour.

    We searched through ads on kijiji/craigslist and then went into their pages/facebook pages for more information.

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