If you currently homeschool...

Could you show me what a typical day looks like?

I really like the idea and freedom that comes with homeschooling, but I'm also a bit terrified.

Did you find that you've become much more organized and timely? 
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Re: If you currently homeschool...

  • 7:30- wake up/ breakfast/ morning shows

    8:30- Tv goes off, they either play or help me with house work. My four year old does have chores to do.

    10:00- We do morning devotionals, which is reading from a devo book, then from the bible. After that we read from a chapter book. Right now it is Little House In the Big Woods.

    11:00- School lessons

    12:30- Lunch

     1:15- nap

    3:30- craft time or out side time depending on the day.


    This is always subject to change. Sometimes we go out in the afternoon, tuesday mornings we have a play date. I have also been a bit sluggish since I have HORRIBLE fatigue right now.  

    My biggest fear with hs is that I wouldn't be organized enough. I do my lesson plans on sunday nights, and try to plan in advance for everything. That way we have smooth transitions. 

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  • For us every day is different.  And every week can be different.  We have different activities going on outside the home every day so we work around those.  I try to be as organized as I can but sometimes that falls along the wayside. 

    Bottom line, every family is different, and the beauty of homeschooling is that's okay!  Last year was very different than this year and next year will be different still. 

    We typically spend about two to three hours total on school each day, but whether that is spread from morning till night or all bunched up together depends on the day, the kids, the weather, etc. 

    I hs my 6yo 1st grader and my 5yo preK and also have a 7 mo old little guy.  Let me know if you have any more questions!


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  • wake up 8ish

    gymnastics/ballet/music 9 am

    home/schoolwork 10:30

    lunch/playdate/errands 12

    free time rest of day


    Not particularly organized here, but schoolwork is the priority.


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  • This was our schedule leading up until the end of the pregnancy.  We'll start back into this routine in April.

    6:45 - wake up

    7:00 - breakfast

    7:30 - watch a video while I shower and do some chores

    8:30 - kids get dressed; older kids do chores while young ones play

    9:00-11:00 - outside play (sometimes with a science lesson) or craft time depending on the weather; if we need to run errands we do that during this time too

    11:00 - DS1 lesson #1

    11:30 - DS1 lesson #2

    12:00 - DS2 flashcards or activity

    12:30 - lunch

    1:00 - naps (all of my kids still nap, Praise God!)

    3:30 - wake from naps and play

    4:00 - DS1 lesson #3

    4:30 - DS1 lesson #4

    5:00 - outdoor play or walk around neighborhood

    5:30 - prepare dinner

    6:00/30 - eat dinner

    7:00 - playtime with daddy while I clean the kitchen

    8:00 - bedtime

    I think the level of organization you need depends on your personality and your children.  I am the kind of person that needs routine and structure in order to be productive.  If I didn't have a schedule set in stone I would end up not doing anything at all.  My children also thrive on structure.


  • We are doing kindergarten and preschool, and having a very relaxed year.  I would love to be more structured and organized, but it's hard right now because we have a baby and I'm up several times a night.  I hope and plan for more structure next year, but my kids seem to be learning plenty and doing well with the loose schedule.

    My kids wake up before me and watch part or all of an hour of Sesame Street.  Then we make and eat breakfast.  We have a Bible story before we get up from the table.  Then they have their chores: making bed, getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair.  Most days we do a brief violin lesson/practice.  My kindergartener works on writing/phonics/math/science while my preschooler works in a workbook.  Sometimes they do a Spanish worksheet.  They may have a little time to play before it's lunch time.  After lunch we may read and then have a rest time for everyone.  If the weather is nice they will go out to play or we'll go for a walk.  If it's cold or wet they can play puzzles, games, read books, etc inside.  They may get computer time (pbskids or starfall) as a reward for good behavior.  They may do art projects in the afternoon. 

    Every day for us is different.  We get together every week or two with our homeschooling friends for play dates and potlucks.  Fridays DD1 has two classes (art and science) at our co-op, and the other two kids and I hang out and play with the other parents and kids.  The girls have taken gymnastics in the past and we may do that again.  DD1 just started Girl Scouts and is SO excited.  Oh, another ritual of ours is bedtime reading.  DH reads chapter books- we have read several of the Boxcar children books and just finished the Little House series.  We just started Charlotte's Web. 

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