Hi! Homeschooling officially in the Fall

Hi! I have two boys ages 2 and a half and almost 5. We will officially start homeschooling Ds1 for kindergarten next year. He goes to mdo/preschool twice a week now but we also do some preschool stuff at home. I taught kindergarten before I had kids so I'm excited to teach my own!!! I'm so excited a board was created!! 

Re: Hi! Homeschooling officially in the Fall

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    We officially start K this fall, too! We might be dabbling in it right now. ;) I haven't done ppw yet - the district we're in is at risk of consolidation and is even going as far as to bring in foreign exchange students to keep their numbers up. I'm afraid, with their enrollment troubles, they won't sign off. That's my only fear going into this.
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    Hello!! My son is currently in 1st grade and attends public school but we will be homeschooling after this year is over. Can't wait to meet everyone!!
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