I'm so excited for this board!

I'm a mother of four, living in Ohio.  My oldest missed the cut-off for Kindergarten this past fall by a few weeks, but was ready.  So we "unofficially" started homeschooling him.  We will officially enroll him in homeschool Kindergarten this fall, even though by that point he'll be doing mostly first grade work.

I'm looking forward to speaking with other mothers who are balancing toddlers and older children who are homeschooling.  This past year has been a lot of trial and error for me - trying out different curricula, learning methods, schedules, etc.  I've learned a lot about what works for our family and hope to share resources with others!


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  • Hi!  I have a 6yo 1st grader, a 5yo pre-k and a 7mo old.  Ita about trial and error!


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  • What curriculum and subjects are you planning on using next year???
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  • Hi :)  I'm a mama of 4, as well.  I'm homeschooling my 5 1/2 year old daughter.  Glad to see a homeschooling forum here. :)
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  • Hello! I am so excited to see this board! We started homeschooling in January. Pre K and K curriculum!

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    What curriculum and subjects are you planning on using next year???

    For math we're going to use Saxon - 1st grade.  We started with it this year and will probably finish it by December.

    Language arts I am undecided about.  We've been using the McGuffey Primers and I've been coming up with my own lesson plans, but just to make my life easier I may purchase curriculum for next year.

    I've been thinking about doing the Cantering the Country curriculum for geography and history.  

    For science we just go with the flow and sort of follow the kids' interests.  Then I supplement with books from the library and other resources I find online.

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