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I want a meaning for our DD name...

We want our DD name to be special but at the same time easy to spell and pronounce in most languages. I'm Italian, my husband is Swiss German, we live in Asia and we communicate in English.

I would love to name my baby girl Ella Blue, my husband is not too convinced about it but because he thinks that Blue is odd. He chose Ella and i chose the middle name Blue. The reason is simple: we both lived in the Maldives for many years (14 and we will be leaving for good at the end of the month), met here, fell in love here and conceived our daughter here. In this little patch of paradise, when you look around all you see is blue... We live on tiny islands where there is only white sand, few palm trees and lots of blue everywhere. 

Blue has been around me and in my heart for so long that is now part of me. When i arrived here i was in pieces, here i found myself again and started over a new, happy and successful life. This is a way of honour forever such a bless we had..

I've asked in polls and to friends but people seems not to like this name.
Shall I give up thinking that our DD might suffer out of it? is it such a bad name?
I simply love it... 

Thank you very much for your advice.

Re: I want a meaning for our DD name...

  • I love your idea of naming your girl after a place that means so much to you but agree blue is a little strange for a name. What if you picked a specific shade of blue that sounds more like a normal name, like Azure or Celeste? Try not to worry too much about what other people think and good luck!
  • Blue is a color, not a name. Kids are mean. Your child will likely be made fun of if other kids hear her middle name. 

    Is there anything else from your time there that you would like to use? Something that is more namey, less thing? 

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