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Gone but never forgotten(ticker warning))

I would love it if you would keep my older sister and our family in your prayers. My neice Chloe was born january 10th 2013 and passed away last night took every bone in my body not to break down. She was born with a very small heart and finally passed of heart failure ....thank you all for the support in this time of need ..RIP CHLOE <33 AUNT JESSICA WILL MISS YOU <3
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Re: Gone but never forgotten(ticker warning))

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you, as well as your sister and her family. I am so sorry to hear for your loss. 
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    Perfect triplets lost at 20 weeks due to incompetent cervix. Allison Grace, James Alexander and Colin Gregory forever in our hearts!  
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    IVF# 2 11/28/13 - retrieval on Turkey Day! Hyperstim - no transfer
    FET #1 2/4/14 - miscarriage @ 9 weeks (Trisomy 6) 
    FET #2 6/8/14 - healthy normal baby! Due date 2/25/15
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  • thank you so much we all appreciate every single prayer given
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  • XathXath member
    I'm so sorry for you and your family.  
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  • I'm so sorry for your family. I will be praying.
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  • I'm so sorry for your family's loss. My Isaiah was a heart baby, so I know all too well just how awful it must have been for your sister.
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    I never held you, but I always loved you.
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  • Indeed to have her for 9 weeks was the biggest blessing for our family i am happy to know that when i get to heaven or wherever i get to see my sweet neice
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