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Can it stop? (venting!)

This year just continues to get worse by the day.  It has only been 10 weeks since we lost our precious babies and we keep getting more and more bad news.  

First it was my uncle.  He had been pretty sick, but it got suddenly worse, and now he is in the ICU on a ventilator.  It is my mom's brother and we are all really close. Over Christmas he was on oxygen and we joked with each other that we were going to be bed rest buddies.  

Then, last weekend my DH's mom decided to tell me that she is leaving the marriage. Just me though, not my DH and she actually had the nerve to ask me not to tell him!  Of course I told him, but still... it is so inappropriate to have told use without telling her DH yet!! So now my FIL knows, and I fear that DH is going to end up on the receiving end of all the sh*t. 

Oh, and my good friend just started back with the a-hole who she has been sleeping with even though he has three kids with two women and a restraining order against him.  She knows we disapprove since she lied to us about it.

So... can it all just stop?  I would like to grieve properly without the world giving me a huge middle finger!  2013 is not going to be our year...    

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Provera x3 late 2011, no natural response. (Previous BCP for 12 years).
 Dx PCOS April 2012. 
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First FSH/Ovidrel cycle early Aug 2012 - 18 days of injections, slow growth, erratic estrogen levels, triggered Aug 21st. 
BFP Sept 4th and Sept 7th! 
 7wk US Sept 28th - triplets! 
Perfect triplets lost at 20 weeks due to incompetent cervix. Allison Grace, James Alexander and Colin Gregory forever in our hearts!  
IVF #1 10/11/13 -  canceled before retrieval.  
IVF# 2 11/28/13 - retrieval on Turkey Day! Hyperstim - no transfer
FET #1 2/4/14 - miscarriage @ 9 weeks (Trisomy 6) 
FET #2 6/8/14 - healthy normal baby! Due date 2/25/15
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Re: Can it stop? (venting!)

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    When it rains it pours, doesnt it? I'm so sorry that you're dealing with all of this on top of dealing with your loss. It must be really hard to grieve when being bombarded with everyone else's problems, particularly MIL. I agree that it was entirely inappropriate for her to share that with you, let alone ask you not to tell DH. Try to focus on yourself and your immediate family. You deserve as much time as it takes to grieve your angels without worrying about everyone else. I'll be thinking of you and your family. Big hugs!
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    I am so sorry that the BS damn broke. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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