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Guests buying from registry

I made a very small, simple registry and only put the basics on there as I didn't want a bunch of baby gadgets. Shower is next Saturday and only 2 things have been bought so far. I realize guests can buy whatever they want, but is it common that people just don't buy off the registry and just stick to buying cute baby outfits? I know for myself I always stick to what the couple has registerd for.
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Re: Guests buying from registry

  • Its still very early...people wait until the night before and day of the event to buy things.

    And I have seen a blend of both. Personally I like registries because it takes the guess work out for me, but there are people out there who have their goto gifts for events like the baby blanket, a cute outfit or something along those lines.
  • People buy whatever they want, on the registry or not.  A lot of our friends bought things that they found useful when they had kids (particular teething rings for when DS is older, some safety stuff that really worked like cabinet locks, etc), but a majority of our family and the women at my shower, bought clothes.  People buy whatever they want, so there's really no norm in this case, it depends on the group of people.  And, as PP said, it's still early, lots of people buy last minute for showers
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  • ditto the PP...a lot of people buy last minute and many people buy what they want and don't use the registry.

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  • With our wedding I was concerned about the same thing. Turns out our registry didn't stay up to date showing right after items were bought (at least through my account). So some of the items were shown as un-purchased to me, but I ended up with them as gifts. 

  • In my experience it is usually a mix of gifts off the registry and gifts chosen by them. My shower was yesterday and stuff was still being marked off the registry after Friday night. Some people wait until the last minute to shop.
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  • I have taken to giving the few things that were indispensable to me, things that subsequently were not on my own registry.

    Summerbaby newborn swaddles (the have a hole for the car seat and are the shiz)

    A sleep sheep (or something similar)

    and a nursing cover (if they're planning to bf) 

    Of course I look at the registry and get what they are registered for if registered for something similar.

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  • Some people may buy from other places the same item to save a buck (That would be me in most cases). Some will guy buy gift cards so you can get what you feel you need most important to the baby coming, and others will literally shop the day before or day of. The night before my wedding our registry was on fire. 
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