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Today marks 8 weeks since me & dh have said goodbye to our Aria...I cant help but wanna get back into the groove of ttc again...But dh is really hesitate and wants us to wait 90 days like my obgyn said. which i guess is good because with me not having any periods,i ovulate around mid april/beginning of may which is my 90days from Jan when i had aria...Meanwhile im on BC pill and feels like its decreasing our chances..especially with me already having PCOS..When i went for my 4-week checkup after having aria,i planned on not getting on BC seeing that its not that easy for me to get pregnant but he insisted that i take it for 90days and then i can stop..I cldnt argue with that but now i dnt want to take them anymore..i feel like he doesnt understand where im coming from with wanting another baby right now..I have an appt tomorrow with my high risk doctor to do some testing to make sure everything is ok with me..i have lots of questions to ask..Im young,im 23 years old but i feel like being a mother is my life..i love being a mom..dh wants us to wait a while before ttc again,to let my body heal..wants me to be able to live alittle before getting pregnant again but i dnt care abt partying and all that jazz,i just want to be a mommy and have my birth control pills for this month ends on either sat or thinking of not going to get my script refilled but i know dh will be upset if i dnt..i dnt know what to only taking them for him,i just think hes afraid for me to get back pregnant so soon bc he doesnt want anything to happen to me and he knows were not over grieving for aria and hes trying to protect us from something like this happening again,which i i being selfish,plz tell me the truth...

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  • I know it's hard and you want to be pregnant again soon. If it was me I would wait out the time the doctor said. I wouldn't want to but I would because the doctor must have had  a reason to tell you to wait 90 days. In the long run it will be better for you and your next pregnancy.

    Trust me I wanted nothing more than to be pregnant again and I still do. Now that it's been 4 months I feel like my body has had more time to recover.

    I would wait the time and take the pills. I hope when your 90 days is up it will be easy or you. I'm sorry your going though this. Hugs to you.

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  • I completely understand the need and want  to get pregnant again but you really should listen to your doctor. Your body does need time to heal. Both you and your DH need time to grief and emoitionly heal. I speak from experience. We lost our daughter Isabella July 18, 2012 and I got pregnant 2 months later. We did IVF to get pregnant with Isabella so both us and our doctors did not think we could get pregnant on our own, so we did nothing to prevent. However the doctors still recommended we wait at least 3 to 6 months to try again. We lost Angel on January 31, 2013. I can't tell you how much I wish we would have waited. I question all the time if we had waited  would we have lost our daughter. I know that is not the reason but I will always have that question in my mind. I wished I would have waited for several reasons: to make sure I was in better health and that my body had time to heal, I wish I would have had more time to grief Isabella before worrying about a new pregnancy. I was a complete mess worrying about my new pregnancy and still griefing. You do really need to time to heal.

     I understand how hard it is to be patient when you want something so badly but it will so be worth the wait.

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  • Thanks ladies..I appreciate all of you being honest with doctors appt is tomorrow for my testing..we'll see how everything is..
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