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Shared room & CIO

Just wondering if anyone has experience with this?  DS1 goes to bed first, as he likes to yell out and disturb DS2 when DS2 is being put down.  If we need to sleep train DS2 (like we did DS1 around 7 mo) does anyone have a routine or suggestions?


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Re: Shared room & CIO

  • We live in a 2-bedroom condo, so my girls room share.

    We have the PnP set up in the living room, so if we need to CIO, that's how we do it. Note that the girls are pretty good at tuning each other out, so we can let DD2 CIO for 5 - 10 minutes without waking DD1 up. 

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  • I hope you get some good tips, because we're possibly going to be looking at the same thing. DD2 is co-sleeping in our room right now, so maybe we'll be able to sleep train her while she's still in our room before moving her to her shared room with DD1, but who knows. It's bad enough now that we have to quiet DD2 (4 weeks old) immediately so DD1 doesn't wake up - our bedrooms share a wall.

    ETA: For clarification, we're obviously not planning on sleep training DD2 any time soon. I'm talking about in the future. DD1 co-slept until she was 8 months old, and I'm guessing DD2 will be in our room for about the same length of time.

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