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Two monitors?

We have a 1 story home and both rooms are next to each other.  I'm just not sure if we need two monitors or not. The kiddos will be about 19 mo apart and I'll probably keep LO #2 in our room until he's about 2 months old and then transition to his crib if all goes as well as it did with DD#1. 

I'm just not sure if it's worth getting a 2nd monitor or just take the monitor away from DD and only use one for LO #2.

What did you all do?

Re: Two monitors?

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    We are planning to buy a second camera for our monitor. 

    DC2 will likely be in our room at first, but I'd still like to have a camera in there for naptimes.

    We are still undecided between the kids sharing a room - it's closest to our room - or turning our home office into a second kids room - will probably happen later if not sooner. At that point, we'll definitely be using two cameras with the monitor.  

  • My kids are 19 months apart and their rooms are next to each other. The baby is sleeping in his own room. Both rooms are steps away from our bedroom.

    We chose not to get a second monitor; we moved the monitor into the baby's room. Our oldest sleeps through the night and is loud enough when she wakes up for us to hear her...even with her door closed...or if we are downstairs.

    Our monitor has an extremely long cord, and the couple times that I needed the monitor to be in our oldest's room during a nap, I just moved the monitor into her room. It was still plugged into the wall in the baby's room. It's just plugged into the outlet closest to the door, which allows me to do that.

    This works great for now, but I'm open to getting another monitor down the road if I feel that we need it.
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  • I have two cameras I wouldn't hear dd when she woke up she just quietly talks the second camera doesn't work great but I can hear her which is all I need right now
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  • We bought a second camera for our system off of ebay. 
  • Another vote for second camera. I'm way to used to being able to see DS1 when he cries, etc. 
  • We got a second camera as well. I can see how it wouldn't be quite necessary but it has helped us a bunch. We just like being able to look in on them for peace of mind as the night progresses and we're downstairs watching TV or have friends over. Really, it's just a peace of mind element.
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  • We bought a 2nd camera. I want to keep an eye on both kids, especially so young.

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  • We have the angel care movement monitor for our nursery and love it - so when DS#1 moved to a toddler bed I bought just the angel care sound monitor. It's working well so far and I like that all of my handsets work on any base. 
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