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Worried I ate too much sugar

Hi All,

Since I found out I was pregnant I have watched everything I have put in my mouth.  I am about 7 weeks pregnant and have had 1 1/2  half calf coffees since I found out at 4 weeks.   I have a regular sprite (small one) a day if I am nauseous.   Otherwise it is 100% juice, milk, or water.   I had a craving for a brownie the other day and had 2 in 2 days.  Overall, I watch what I eat.   However,  today I had the 1/2 half calf white mocha (had heartburn so only drank 1/2 of a tall) and then I wanted bubble gum for some reason and got 10 pieces of double bubble.  I just chewed all 10 pieces in an hour or 2 span of time.  I would get the flavor and spit it out and go to the next.   Should I be worried? 

Re: Worried I ate too much sugar

  • It doesn't seem like a big deal to me.  As long as you try to eat healthy when your body lets you, and as long as you're not dealing with pregnancy-induced diabetes (where your doctor will have you work on your diet), I wouldn't worry about having sweets.

    But the idea of chewing 10 pieces of gum is making my jaw hurt!

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  • When I was pregnant, my craving was BBQ beef fat. Not even the meat, the fat. I had it once, and it was amazing, and then I was fine. My son is 8 months, and he seems to have pulled through ok.

    What I was careful about, even MORE than sugar, was aspartame. If you feel the need to have something sweet, then try fruit. Go crazy, and have dark chocolate covered strawberries. I'd stay away from the highly processed foods and gums, if you can. But do also keep in mind that women have gotten pregnant since time began, and for MOST of that time, there weren't things like multivitamins and prenatal screenings. You're also REALLY early in your pregnancy; you can "undo" a lot of "mistakes" by trying to keep healthy. Babies are far more resilient than we give them credit for. You're doing just fine. Stress less, sleep more, and try to find healthy alternatives to your cravings if you can.

     But honestly, at the end of the day, sometimes that beef fat just has to happen (it was DELICIOUS, btw).

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