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Dartmouth-Hitchcock CenteringPregnancy

Has anyone had experience with D-H medical Center CenteringPregnancy program? I would love to hear your thoughts about this group support practice.

Thank you!

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  • I use D-H in Nashua for my PCP and now my OB-GYN and I really like them. I ahve not used "Centering Pregnancy" though- not sure what that is. But the staff at D-H is really great.
  • I used D-H Manchester midwives and LOVED them!!  I am not sure what "Centering Pregnancy" is as well, sorry.
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    Didn't know DHMC had that program! I plan to be doing the Centered Pregnancy at Alice Peck Day.

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  • Hi! I used the centering program while i was pregnany and i loved it1 i loved being able to share with other people who are so close in due date with you all the things going on with your body. my dr was a bit of a hippie so i loved her ideas and thoughts and i cant remember he name for the life of me. well good luck i hope u love it. i also tried the birthing classes and those were great.
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