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From someone who is from California...

I have to say that I like everything out here EXCEPT the internet and cellphone situation... West Virginia is like a black hole when you look at carrier coverage and the only internet that is available to me is from directTV or similar.

I have been here for a few years, so it is nothing new... just this winter the internet at my husband's mother's house has gone off every day for at least 2 hours and the most at one time the internet cut off for an entire week. Yeah.. I am used to extremely fast internet so I guess I am kinda mad.

Other than that little rant, I like UHC and they seem to be more high tech than where I was a few months ago. The OBs are very nice and making this first pregnancy easy for me.

Also, I cannot wait for spring time! Spring and early Summer is when WV shines I think.

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Re: From someone who is from California...

  • I love UHC! I'll be having another baby there in June. The staff was really nice and my OB, Dr. King, helped me have the birth experience I wanted...even when I started crying and saying I changed my mind and wanted Csection.
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  • I'm having my little boy there in August! I'm touring the obstetrics floor in a week or so and I'm anxious to see what all they have there. I'm glad you all had good experiences, it makes me feel better about delivering there! 

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