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Perfect induction story.

I just realized I never posted this. When I was scheduled for an induction, everything I read was about how it's prone to end up in a c-section, etc. I was scared out of my mind and really, had no need to be. I wanted to share a positive induction story, for any of those reading who need one! :)

DS was due August 10, 2012. I was induced on the 9th. I was 90% effaced and had been for 4 weeks, but was not dilating AT ALL. He was already tipping the scale at 8.5 pounds at my 39 week appointment, so my doctor scheduled an induction. At this point, I was so uncomfortable in the 100+ degree weather that I was just like, "Whatever you need to do, let's get this show on the road."

I tried everything to induce myself. I ate ridiculous amounts of pineapple, walked 5+ miles on the treadmill on an incline every day from 38 weeks on, had more sex than I'll admit to, ate spicy foods, everything. In the end, I realized it was all a huge waste of time and if DS wanted to come before my induction, he would.

He didn't. I went in to be induced at 5pm. Around 6:30, the nurse was setting up the Pitocin when DS' heart rate dropped dramatically (probably because of how hyped up I was). They immediately turned me on my side, gave me an oxygen mask, and he was fine. They gave me about an hour and then started the Pitocin at 7:30. The first hour, I didn't really feel anything. Then, around 8:30, a little cramping, still NBD. I thought, "Eh, this is going to be cake!" My nurse told me FTM moms usually labor 12-24 hours and push for 2-3 hours, so I was getting cozy.

At 9, it hit me like a freaking brick. My cramps were out of this world. I tried lunges, all of the breathing exercises I had spent weeks researching, a ball, distractions, music, chanting, and nothing was helping. After 45 minutes of this, the nurse came in and I told her I wanted the epidural. Luckily, the anesthesologist was next door and came right in. I have huge boobs, so trying to slump over and breathe through my huge boobs and huge stomach was rough. Thankfully, SO and the nurse were breathing me through the whole thing. It didn't hurt, just was a pinch, and I was in immediate heaven.

At 11:30, the nurse came in and asked me if I was feeling anything. I said no. She said my contractions were ridiculous (I was at a 2 when the epidural was put in 2 hours before this). The resident came in at 12:45am and I was at a 9! The nurse told me to get on my hands and knees (SO had to hold my feet and look at my butt the entire time...real love) and rock back and forth for 30 minutes. She came back in at 1:15am, I was at a 10, his head was down, and I felt like he was going to fall out of me.

No one could believe it. They set up the room, the doctor came in, and 20 minutes of pushing later, DS was born. He was 8.9 pounds, 20 inches long, and healthy as a horse. I had a minor one degree tear from his shoulders that healed fast and felt back to my old self about 3-4 days later.

Now, he's 6 months old, happy and healthy.

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Re: Perfect induction story.

  • Congrats! That is a very successful induction story and makes me feel better if I have to be induced. Thanks for sharing. 
  • Thank you so much. I am scheduled for this weekend and am really scared/nervous. The positivity helped.
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  • Congrats! I've had 3 perfect inductions so far. I think the bad stories just outweigh the good ones sometimes. Good luck ladies who are heading in for one!
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  • Thank you so much for posting this! I will be induced in 2 days and I needed to see a story like this. =) So glad you had a great delivery.
  • Thank you for sharing this. I am to be induced at 38 weeks (3 weeks away) and like most of us have read that it usually isn't a good thing. This gives me hope :)
  • Glad to hear it was a good one.
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  • I am to be induced at 39 weeks due to concerns over my high blood pressure from before pregnancy and am nervous about it. This story helps me out a lot!! I still want to see if I can deliver without having to go through an induction if my blood pressure and blood sugar is stable, but if not this story really helps ease some of my concerns. I too have heard mostly bad things about inductions. 
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  • I'm being inducted in the morning and reading this is going to help me sleep tonight!!! Thank you
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