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Baby, please come out!

I will only be 39 weeks on Friday, so I really have no right to complain. I still feel ok and all that jazz, I am just ready to get this show on the road! I offered baby a full scholarship to college to come out today. Maybe is is holding out for grad school money too? Or maybe he just wants a car....oh well. ;)
Married 6/08, TTC 7/09
MC w/ D&C 3/11 ~ 9.5 weeks
CP/MC 1/12 ~ 5 weeks
2 IUI's w/ BFN
IVF 6/12 ~ 8R, 0F ~ Rescue ISCI gave us 3dt of 2 (6 cell, 9+ cell)
DS born ~ 3/3/13
IVF 6/14 ~ Operation Sibling ~ 10R, 5F ~ 5dt of 1 Blast
Beta 1: 1600+, Beta 2: 4588
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Re: Baby, please come out!

  • I hear ya. I'm so ready. I just told H tonight that I am DONE!!!
    Started TTC 2/2009
    Started fertility treatments 11/2010
    Ovarian dysfunction, LPD, male factor
    6 failed medicated IUI's
    Pregnant 5/2011 - Miscarriage at 6 weeks due to triploidy
    Decided to adopt - 6/2012
    SURPRISE! Pregnant without intervention - 7/2012 
    Sweet Baby James Born 3/2013
    Decided to be "One and Done"

    ....OR NOT.
    Pregnant 12/2018 despite birth control pills
    Here we go again...
    Due 8/26/19!
  • Too funny bribing!! Hopefully it works!!! Can't wait to see pics when he decides to make his appearance!
    Tried to conceive on our own for a year before moving on to fertility treatments. Dx unexplained. About 10 months of procedures, shots, and countless doctor appointments, we got our BFP! BFN on 5 IUI's
    IVF#1 - ER 09/14/12, ET 09/17/12: two 8 cells, BFP: 9/28 Beta#1 56.8; 10/2 Beta#2 284; 10/5 Beta#3 939; 10/9 Beta #4 4967. One baby on board with EDD 06/07/13!
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  • FX it happens soon!
    Married July 2011; TTC since April 2011; DX: MFI
    IVF #1 in August 2012: BFP!
    L was born on May 5, 2013, 8lb. 6oz.
    PAIF/SAIF welcome!

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