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hand flapping

Does anyone elses LO do this?  Lately DS flaps his hands and sometimes his entire arms - like he is trying to fly.   I googled & of course now i am stressed.  Anyone else notice this?  It seems like he does it when he is excited but he is doing it more and more. 
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Re: hand flapping

  • Is it bad that they do this? dd does it more and more lately too. I just figure it's because she's happy and or excited
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  • Yep he does it. I'm not concerned.
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  • DS does it too sometimes. I think it would be more of a concern when they are older.
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  • He does it when he is excited or dancing. I'm not concerned either. 
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  • Eli waves/flaps his hands and arms when he's excited. I'm not concerned at all.
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  • We call it the double wave, DD did it at his well visit and his Dr said it was completely normal.
  • Thanks ladies...i am staying off google!~
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  • Flapping is normal at this age. It's when kiddos don't grow out of it and it persists that it becomes indicative of a developmental disorder.
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