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Ear infection question...

Gabe is teething like a mad man (I think). He is also pulling at his ears. I kind of just figured since he is cutting like ALL of his teeth at once, maybe the ear pulling was just part of it. He has no fever. Otherwise seems well, but is a bit fussy. I'm going to call the doc tomorrow anyway, but why not see what you all think too.

 His only ever ear infection was months ago and he had a fever almost the whole time. So I figured he'd have a fever. Do your babies always have a fever with an ear infection? Or do you think it could just be teething too?

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Re: Ear infection question...

  • I haven't dealt with ear infections but dd pull at her ears all. The. Time. When she's teething
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  • When Anna had her ear infection she didn't have a fever and wasn't really fussy. A few weeks ago we had the same issues as you though. I went to the pedi and had her ears checked just to put my mommy mind at ease, but in the end it was just the 6 teeth popping through and causing problems!
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  • DS never runs a fever with his ear infections.
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  • Grant recently had an ear infection. He was super fussy, but no fever. His ear infection wasn't severe but he was still put on amoxicillin.

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  • We literally just went through the exact same thing. Eddie has gotten 5 teeth this month, so he has been off. The past few days he had been pulling on his ears, i let it be, because he didnt have a fever other than for like an hour on sunday, which was weird. I was at the end of my rope last night, and was starting to really worry, so i took him to the urgent care, 10 minutes before it close i spent most of the way battling back and forth with if i should go or not, and sure enough, he has one.
  • Both times JB had an ear infection I had no idea because he had no other symptoms, and just happened to go to the dr!

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  • We have had 12 ear infections and I would say she has only had fever with 34 of them.
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  • The one ear infection that Ian had, he tugged way more at his ear ran a fever. With teething, he tugs at his ears but doesn't have a fever like he did when it was an infection. I've taken him in to see dr two other times thinking it HAD to be an infection...nope, all clear. With teething he may run a really low grade fever, so it's kind of hard to tell. Even though it sucks to have to pay a copay for them to tell me all was clear, I did feel better about taking him...peace of mind.

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  • DD had been cranky for the past week, but I figured it was just teething - dear god that child would chew on ANYTHING. So when I took her in for her one-year well child on Wednesday, imagine my surprise when he said she had a pretty bad double ear infection! No fever, no ear pulling, nothing out of the ordinary except for some extra crank. Her first one, she ran a pretty high fever for several days with it.
  • There have been numerous times where I didn't even know Reece had an infection until I would go in to the Dr's for a wellness check. He never shows signs, but recently has been pulling on his ears which typically means one thing... ear infection!!

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  • Thanks for all of the responses... turns out it is just some crazy teething going on at our house. I'm glad I took him though. Had I waited ... it so would have turned into a crazy weekend of ear infection.
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