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Foster care and job stability?

HI, ladies. I have a question for all you foster moms. How much does job stability, or length of time at your current job, matter in the process for foster care approval? After a less than positive experience with a family member adoption, Im considering foster care something Ive dreamed of for years!. The only thing holding me back at this point is that Im not so sure the company Im currently with is still going to exist after July when our state funding is cut. If we are forced to shut down, I hope to move to another state to be near family and then start the foster process there. I dont want to start the process in my current place of residence, have children in my home, then have to uproot their lives and force them into another foster home because of something I knew was a possibility to begin with. So, I guess I say all of that to ask will it matter if Ive just started a new job in a new state?

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  • Becoming a foster parent can be a fairly lengthy process, so it's possible you wouldn't even be licensed by July.  That said, I would hold off until you know if you will be staying in the same area. I agree that it's not really fair to the children to be bounced around from different foster homes if at all avoidable.

    I would use the time while you are waiting to do research. Attend info meetings, read books, etc. That way  when you find out which way your life is headed, you'll be ready to dive right in.

    I'm not really sure how the foster system feels about the length of employment, just that in our state they will verify our employment. But again, the process to become licensed can take a while so I imagine by then you would be close to at least 6 months of employment.

  • When we started the licensing process, I had only had my job for a few weeks.  Granted I had lived in the state for 3 years at that point, but no one ever brought up my new job.  However in our state (NC), it took us 10 months to get licensed- and that is on the shorter end of things.

    I agree with PP that you should wait to officially start the process until you know where you will be for a while.  But I also agree that you should start your research and attend info sessions to make sure that fostering is the right path for you.  

    In the meantime, if you have any questions definitely ask!

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  • They would look more at the overall picture, and if you were always in and out of jobs.  People move and get new jobs, so I don't think they will hold that against you.  They want to make sure the parents in the home have enough income to support children, because the foster care payments alone are not enough.  Good luck with your decision!!
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  • Thanks for the information! I would love to start the process now but it doesn't seem fair to possible kids who get caught in the shuffle. I'm always researching adoption/foster care/the wounded child. Not to mention I follow most of the blogs on this forum. In a completely non-stalker like way, of course :) Again, thanks for the info! I'll definitely be coming back with anymore questions.

     P.S. it's great that you ladies are willing to share your struggles on this board and not just the happy stuff. It helps put the decision to adopt/foster into perspective and helps let us know what we're signing up for. So, I guess what I'm saying is thanks for admitting it's not always perfect :)    

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