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I have a question (cyst related)

At my monitoring appt, it showed 3 measurable follies. On my left- one at 13mm. On my right- one at 13mm and one at 17mm. I took my last gonal-f (75iu) that morning (Friday) and triggered Saturday night, then IUI on Monday morning.

I had my first ultrasound today and got to see our little jellybean!

My question (which I should have asked while I was there) is my RE says that I have a 2.1 cm Corpus Luteum cyst in/on my LEFT ovary which is normal and will go away. Does that mean I ovulated from my left side? I just thought that the dominant follie which was on the right side would have been released. Or is this cyst from the follie not being released on the left side?

I hope that I'm making sense. Ask any question if you need to!


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Re: I have a question (cyst related)

  • Congrats!!!

    I've read that a corpus luteum cyst forms from the follicle that released an egg. But, since you had three follies it's possible that the cyst just formed in one of the empty follicles, and it wasn't neccesarily the one egg that ultamitely turned into your embryo.
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  • I don't know the answer to your question, but at my first US yesterday they found cysts on both my left and right ovaries. When I had my pre-trigger monitoring appointment, they said I had three follicles on the left and the right was quiet. So the one on the right came out of nowhere. 
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