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Can I already be having symptoms?

I am 4 days PO and have had been light headed and have had nausea off and on today. Also, hot flashes. I have had some cramping off and on. Kind of like I am going to start my period but that shouldn't come for at least 2 weeks. Is this early signs of pregnancy?

Re: Can I already be having symptoms?

  • If you know for sure when you O'd, then no these are not early signs of pregnancy.
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    No. There is no way your symptoms at 4DPO are related to pregnancy.

    Sounds more like you are getting the stomach virus that's making it's rounds.

  • Too wouldn't even have implanted yet if you're only 4dpo. Maybe you're getting the flu.

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  • Nope.

    An embryo implants in the uterus 6 to 12 days after ovulation. After implantation, your body starts producing hcg, and the hcg causes early pregnancy symptoms.
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  • Definitely not from pregnancy. Our bodies do weird things. I've been convinced I've been coming down with something several times since going off BC in Jan and having my own cycles, and it's just my body doing whatever it wants to. It sucks, but whatever.

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  • No

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  • I never had symptoms when I was pregnant with my daughter till I was 4.5 weeks pregnant.
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  • No, it's way too early for symptoms. Can I ask, if you know when you ovulated, how do you not also know that implantation doesn't occur until 6 or 7 days past ovulation?  You clearly need to learn more about your cycles, and how conception and pregnancy happen. Please read the newbie link/blog, and I'd definitely also suggest checking out Fertility Friend, it has great informative tutorials on all things TTC/charting.



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  • I used an OPK. I know that ovulation does not take place until several days after ovulation but I wasn't sure if symptoms could occur with conception. We have been trying for 6 months and this is the first month that I have had these symptoms.
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