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I need more milk!

My daughter is almost six months and all of a sudden my supply is dropping.  I nurse her all day but she cries like she's still starving and my breasts don't ever feel full anymore.  I used to wake up in the middle of the night to pump and now I can't even do that.  I'm drinking water, gatorade, tried oatmeal, more milk special blend and nothing is helping.  What else can I do?  
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Re: I need more milk!

  • I had the same issue, nursed exclusivly until about 5 months then my supply took a hit due to working and some stress issues. I tried the mothers milk tea and fenugreek and it helped a ton (unfortunately not enough, beause I still need to give K about 10 ounces of formula a day, but I think that's stress related). You might be drinking to much water, I know it sounds crazy but my LC said that you only need about 64 ounces give or take some depending on if you drink caffeine. Any more than that and it might dry you out. Also try nursing every 3 hours, it will give you a chance to "fill up". If your baby can't wait that long then try giving some pumped breastmilk in a bottle to catch her belly up while you wait for your body to regulate out the amount needed for your baby.



  • I forgot to add that I am drinking the tea too. I know I am stressed out and i'm trying to relax but it's easier said than done. 

     Thanks for the advice!  

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  • The full feeling stops after a while because your boobs adjust. Im sure just nursing on demand you're fine. If she keep asking she could be using you as a pacifier or like pp said growth spurt.
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