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Clear Blue Easy Digital OPK question

So I just used my opk and it came up with a smiley face...yay! I didn't expect it for 23 more days so I was really surprised when I saw the smiley. When I ejected the strip the control line was there but there only was a super faint test line. That makes me question the positive. Are the digital ones interpreted differently? Anyone else experienced this? Should I trust the smiley? I plan on testing again later tonight. TIA!!!

Re: Clear Blue Easy Digital OPK question

  • What CD are you on? Why don't you expect to O for 23 more days? Are you charting?

    From what I understand you shouldn't "try" to read the ejected stick (its in the directions from what I understand). Someone posted about this yesterday.

  • I'm on cd 13. I needed to try to google the instructions because I can't find mine left over 20 pack from last month. I didn't see the post yesterday. Thanks for the help!
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  • Thank you so much for the link to read. It was very helpful! I tested again last night and got a negative but got a positive this morning. I then read the link and all made sense!
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