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Hi ladies! I am new at this site and this is my first month TTC. I am on CD 27 and 13 DPO. Beginning to think I'm not preggers, but will wait until AF arrives (or not). I want to start charting my BBT or use an OPK next month. Any suggestions for the best thermometer or OPK to use? I'm brand new at this and don't want to mess up predicting my O day! 


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  • 1) Don't use preggers. You'll get flamed.

    2) Get a BBT Thermometer

    3) Check out Fertility Friend. You can use the link to my ovulation chart to get there.

    Good luck!

  • Wondfo from are cheap opks. A lot of us use them.

    The Mavis bbt from Walmart is a good bbt.

    Check out the blog for TTGP and for tutorials.

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  • Good to know. Thanks for the heads up about 'getting flamed'. Not sure what it is but it sounds bad- so I'll stay away from using certain words. I'll check walmart out for the bbt as well. thanks!
  • Welcome!
    Have you seen the blog? It has tons of helpful informationSmile

    Good Luck!

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  • Just checked the blog out. Thank you for posting the link for me. All my questions now have answers and now I don't have to post newbie/dumbass questions! 
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