Seem like my son is having trouble with BM's

My son was born at 31w, on 12-26-12 while in the NICU, he would have a BM several times a day, when he first came home he would go at least once a day, now he goes serval days with out going. My peds dr says it normal. I dont think it is. He struggles to go and when he finally has a BM its an explosion. He get half breast milk half formula. Is there any suggestion out there that can help me with this issue?

Re: Seem like my son is having trouble with BM's

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    Yup, same with us. The change happened around the same time they took the girls off of liquid protein and switched them from HMF to Neosure to get the BM up to 22cal. Now they go every 7 to 10 days, and it's a massive blowout. As long as your LO doesn't seem uncomfortable and the tummy is soft, it's probably nothing to worry about.
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    DD did the same, though her pedi said if she hasn't had a bm in 3 days to give her 10 ccs undiluted prune juice. She's doing some solids now tho so we swapped out the juice with baby food prunes. You can also add a tsp of dark karo syrup per 4oz of formula/breast milk, but it has a ton of sugar so we stick with the prunes since she doesn't seem to get as hyper and have as many sleep issues as with the dark karo.
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    DD was a 27 weeker and came home having 1 BM a week. We would do suppositories when she seemed uncomfortable. It has increased and now at 8 months, 5 adjusted she goes every other day. Pedi said it is totally normal.
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    If your LO is on multivitamins with iron, we noticed that the enfamil brand has glycerine as the first ingredient (the Rugby brand that we tried first had it as the 4th ingredient). We noticed that when we changed brands that the BM issue got a little better.- probably because of the difference in amt of glycerine.
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