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Chicken thighs for dinner..ideas?

I have a package of chicken thighs thawing for dinner tonight, but no idea wtf I'm going to do with them yet. Ideas? I tend to cook on the leaner side, and would prefer something that doesnt take too long to put together. TIA!
ETA they are boneless thighs if that makes a difference.
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Re: Chicken thighs for dinner..ideas?

  • I always like Chicken and Rice. 


    Maybe sub the rice for some quinoa or something? I dunno.   

  • This is delicious. The first time I made it I only had boneless thighs, I tried the recipe again with bone in but we preferred the boneless.


    Really is good.

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  • Cous cous and chickpeas?
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  • Both of those recipes look delicious..and easy! Thank you!
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  • Google Man Pleasing Chicken. It has Dijon, maple syrup and rosemary. We serve it over brown rice and with a side of roasted broccoli...Ina Garten's roasted broccoli recipe is amazing!
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  • Don't know what timezone you're in, but Better Homes and Gardens has a curried chicken thigh slow cooker recipe.
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  • Thanks for all the ideas/recipes! I'll be bookmarking we can eat chicken thighs 12 ways til Sunday. Sweet. :)
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  • I love this recipe and though it calls for drums I have done it with thighs and breasts before -
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