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Looking for Midwife with saturday appts

Hello Everyone, 
I'm new here and recently found out that I'm pregnant. I have been trying to find a midwife that will do prenatal care appointments on the weekends near the Kent area. It would be best Saturday but Sundays works too and I don't mind driving a bit. It is very hard for my husband to take time off work and he really wants to come with me to the appointments. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Re: Looking for Midwife with saturday appts

  • Are you looking for a certified nurse midwife for a hospital birth or a licensed midwife for home or birth center?
  • At this point either or. I just prefer not an OB/GYN that only spends 15 mins with you and is trained to look for problems. I would prefer someone that will spend time more time and is more willing to let me to do things more naturally.
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  • I dont know for sure if they do saturday appointments, but Im going through Cascade midwives and I love them!!!! A friend of mine went through the providence womens pavillion and her midwives were wonderful too. Have you checked them out?
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