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H is getting on my nerves

This is more of a vent- but after everything we have been through and the losses we have had my h wants to tell everyone we're pregnant and it is getting on my nerves. 

I am only 4 weeks and I have explained to him that anything can go wrong (God forbid) and no one knows we went through IVF and I want it to stay that way.

So yesterday he told me that he told all the guys he plays basket ball with because he had to tell someone.... HELLO I want to scream it from the roof tops but I am not. 

I told him how I would feel if we told people now and something happens, he keep reassuring me but that doesnt matter because he really dont know what is going to take place.... he just doesnt get it!   I have compromised and told him we can tell my parents at 10 weeks and no earlier. 

If I had it my way I would tell people after 12 to 16 weeks maybe longer!

 Anyone else's H being this difficult?

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Re: H is getting on my nerves

  • Just wanted to send you some {{hugs}}.  We didn't really have this problem because our families and close friends knew we went through IVF (a few of our close friends also went through IVF so they were a huge help to us throughout the process) so we kind of had to tell them right away, but they also knew to keep quiet until we were ready to announce.  Anyone we told respected our wishes and kept quiet until we were clear of the first tri!  

    My only bit of advice is telling your H to keep thinking positive thoughts and prayers going so that he doesn't regret telling anyone too soon.  I'll send lots of T&P your way as well, and hope you're here for a H&H 9 more months!! 

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  • I tell everyone my business so the whole world knows everyting.  But my dh loves showing the pictures to everyone.  Strangers, waitresses, everyone.  I am just happy that he is happy and I am glad that I told alot of people because they were all praying for us the whole time.  And it was helpful to me when the dr. thought that I lost the baby.  To know that everyone was pulling for us and supporting us meant the world to me.  But that is just me.
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  • We actually told a few close friends right away, and our parents a couple days later. It's hard when you're going through IF b/c if anyone knows you're doing IVF they might be asking you soon anyway! Takes the fun out of announcing it until you're "out of the woods" but it is what it is. I feel that if I do m/c and need support, my family and friends will feel upset that I didn't tell them I was pg in the first place. We m/c at 5 weeks a couple years ago and hadn't told anyone we were even pg, and it was hard going backwards to tell the news and then grieve with my family. I say do what you feel most comfortable with, but feel free to share your happy news with those who are closest to you :) GL!
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  • image Jbromberg1985:

    We didn't really have this problem because our families and close friends knew we went through IVF (a few of our close friends also went through IVF so they were a huge help to us throughout the process) so we kind of had to tell them right away, but they also knew to keep quiet until we were ready to announce.  Anyone we told respected our wishes and kept quiet until we were clear of the first tri!  

    This exactly. I'm sure your H is just really excited and I'm sure he wants to yell it from the rooftops! But, he also needs to respect your privacy. So...maybe just have a sitdown talk with him about it and voice your concerns. Maybe since he's told some people now, he will simmer a bit Smile

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