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Good morning!

Goals... I did power clean half the house yesterday so that felt good, today the plan is to do bathrooms

Food...yesterday was cliff bar with nutella for breakfast, chicken sub with veggies and chips for lunch, beef stroganoff and mixed veggies for dinner. Almonds and fudge bar for snack and dessert.

Exercise... Yesterday cleaning house was it because I had a friend visit all afternoon but I need to break out my thirty day shred but am dreading it!

Life... DD skipped a feeding last night so she slept from 730 to 530 and only ate at 2! Still an early wakeup but I'll take it! DH and I had a better night and DD helped by being less crabby for him so it was a win
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  • Can I join this? I just started WW a week or so ago and have lost 5 lbs. I am eating way more healthy foods and think I wasn't eating enough before, so the WW is totally working. I'm still working right now at keeping my water intake up. I didn't use a cup with a straw yesterday and don't feel like I drank enough because of that. It takes me longer to just drink water from a cup, lol.
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  • Please join! I just decided to keep track daily to keep myself accountable and it is working so I plan to keep it up until people tell me I am annoying! : I was eating a ton more and binging on junk at home before so having to write it out online has been a good reminder to step away from the cookies :
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  • Good morning! I just made an egg-white omelette with parmesan and mushrooms, and for lunch I'm making another spinach/strawberry/salmon salad. For dinner, I'm going to try this recipe because it's so cold and snowing here :) For exercise,an ab workout, along with legs. 

    Life is good--I was able to pump six ounces extra to put in the freezer for when I go back to work on the 5th. I was so proud :) I hope I can get a good supply put back before then. And I've lost eleven pounds since I had the baby. Which is really a little disappointing, seeing as how the baby himself weighed eight. I thought that you dropped like 20 in the first week!

    I hope everyone has a great day!

  • I love Weight Watchers, Peony! My mom and dad used it to drop over 60 pounds each about twelve years ago, and they still count points to keep the weight off. I'm giving this weight loss thing a go on my own, just tracking cals on SparkPeople, but if I need some extra help, I'm going to sign up online. I love that they have a nursing mom program, so you don't have to worry about getting enough food to keep up your milk!
  • ok i did this the first day but have ignored it since then. for reals this time!

    goal go to mommy me yoga today. also, i've been tracking babe's every feeding nap/sleep w a mobile app. i want to look at that and try to create an EASY schedule that we will hopefully ease into, following her cues, to start prepping for my return to work when i cannot sleep when the baby sleeps and will want a routine that the nanny can follow.

    food i just bought three days of meals from a place called my fit foods which has prepackaged fresh, glutenfree, low glycemic foods. i have 2,000 calories/day. i'm trying to clean up my diet bc i was getting way to used to to having a daily, or more, sugar/chocolate fix plus lots of processed foods.

    exercise today mommy me yoga

    life good! baby is sleeping less during the day now, which i am enjoying bc she is so alert happy has such beautiful eyes!
  • Ok girls...sorry I'm late again to the party. Today my encounter with the scale left MUCH to be desired.

    Goal of the day: To not let the fact that I actually gained a pound since last week deter me from my overall goal. Obviously I'm not gonna give up over a pound...but it's still pretty frustrating! I'm still about 20lbs over my pre-baby weight...then I'd like to lose another 10-15lbs on top of that. So I have my work cut out for me.

    Food: Breakfast was an egg/egg white sandwich w/ reduced fat cheese on a whole grain english muffin. Lunch was leftover rotisserie chicken w/ steamed broccoli & stroganoff noodles from last night's dinner. Dinner tonight is TBD.

    Exercise: Just finished Jillian Michael's 6 Week 6 Pack. (Exercise I'm really good about- it's my sanity. I crave it. It's food/portion control thats my problem!!)

    Life: Things have been going really well. DS is still fighting his normal bedtime (9-9:30ish). He's been falling asleep the last few nights by about 10-10:30ish, which isn't bad. He slept from like 10ish til 4:30am. I was able to rock him back to sleep until 5:30 and then we got up for a bottle. He went back down and we slept til 8. So not bad as far as sleep goes. During the day, he's getting better with napping. So overall on the baby front, things have been going great. The new formula is doing it's job so far, and he's been so much more content. It's great to finally have my happy baby!

    On another note, DH and I finally DTD for the first time last night since I delivered DS. It totally wasn't as scary as I thought it'd be. It was great actually! It felt good to hop back in the saddle - we both needed it!

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  • Hey everyone!

    Goal for today: enjoy the night with my husband. DS has been going to bed by 8, so tonite we will have some "us" time. Need to feel sexy and lose this 12 pounds!

    Food: breakfast banana, lunch chicken breast, grapes, granola bar, dinner will be pork chops and steamed veggies.

    Exercise: teach two beginning yoga much to model to beginners, I think I get the workout!

    Life: Hubby and I are reconnecting. DS is getting new formula today, so far so good.
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