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Alright...with my first daughter I didnt have any sign of a belly until I was around 22 weeks. With my second daughter, I had a little belly by week 10, but by week 15 you could totally tell I was pregnant...not oh is she fat oorrrr pregnant type deal LOL. This time...I am not even 8 weeks & I look like I did when I was 15 weeks the second time around and I weigh 10 pounds less than when I started that pregnancy! It's def just bloat but OMG...anyone else on their 2+ pregnancy having this issue? I cant really hide that I am pregnant...its quite obvious when I am standing, when I sit...its that awkward fat stage hahaha

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Re: Showing?

  • Same here! Thankfully my bloat went down around 12 weeks, now I'm 13 weeks. This is 2 for me.
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  • I'm so bloated at 6 weeks... My last pregnancies ::miscarriages:: weren't like this. I'm glad I'm not the only one bloated but I guess it's a good sign!? Hopefully you feel better soon. I feel like I'm going to float away and someone should pop me haha.
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  • Ha, I posted this same thing yesterday. Yes!!! I'm nine weeks and wondering how I'm going to keep from having to tell my high school students before too long!
  • Yep, I've been in maternity pants since last week. I'm 7 weeks now and was pulling up my skinny jeans until at least 25 weeks last time (not buttoning them, but wearing using the rubber band trick). At this point even pulling up pre preg jeans gives me muffin top.
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  • I'm in the same boat. I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow, and have been in maternity pants for about 3 weeks already. With my son, I remember using the rubber and trick well into 13 weeks...not so much with this one!
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  • I was complaining to my sister (who has 6 kids) that I felt huge already. She had no sympathy =) She said "Yep by the 3rd one everything sags and hangs out. Sorry!" Haha.
  • 11 weeks and just bought my first pair. This is my 3rd baby and even my husband can tell I'm pregnant by looking at my belly!
  • Oh man, I am not looking forward to that part!  I have shown early with my first two... like 12 weeks with my first, 10 with my second... so I am doomed this time around.  I would so like to wait til 2nd tri to tell people... but I have a feeling people might start to ask before that.  Obviously... not showing AT ALL yet... thank goodness!  But, I'm sure it's a comin (sooner than I'm ready for)

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  • I'm gaining weight, but most likely because I've been indulging in my cravings. I can't wait to look pregnant and not just fat. lol
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